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UIAA Respect the Mountains Movement & Peter Aitchison Memorial Weekend

September 9 & 10, 2023 saw a dedicated crew from the Manitoba Section of the Alpine Club take action to maintain Gooseneck Cliff. Working with the UIAA and the Respect the Mountains Movement, our group acted locally to maintain the trails, clean up garbage along the road, and remove hazardous rocks and debris along the cliff. A big impact was made on Saturday with over 30 volunteers lending helping hands. Some lucky participants won great prizes sponsored by the UIAA. Everyone took home a cool Respect the Mountains t shirt and a great sense of accomplishment.

Following our tradition, all participants took a break mid afternoon to gather at the top of the cliff to remember our friend Peter Aitchison. This year we celebrated ten years since his passing. Also following tradition was a shot of Jagermeister - Peter's favourite.

Sunday saw the group return to Gooseneck for some climbing fun. Take a look through the set of pictures here (most taken by Ray Hope - Thank you Ray!) that beautifully captured the weekend.


Respect the Mountains Movement Activities


Peter Aitchison Memorial


Sunday Climbing Fun

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