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The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) affirms the intrinsic value of mountain regions and mountain sports to the human spirit. As such we advocate for self propelled low impact public access to wilderness areas and climbing locations when access can be maintained without undue degradation of the environment.

The ACC believes that access is best maintained through respectful collaboration and dialogue.


The ACC recognizes that our activities occur on the traditional lands of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples and that we should be respectful that these activities may occur in sacred places.


The ACC attempts to engage with governments, First Nations, private landowners, and other groups to develop management plans and agreements that preserve and ensure responsible and respectful use of climbing and backcountry areas by members.


We ask all members to respect access agreements and leave no trace.


Examples of ACC Manitoba activities that support the ACC’s ideals include:

  • Annual cleanup and maintenance activities in the Minaki cliff climbing areas

  • Installation and maintenance of toilet and picnicking facilities in cliff climbing areas

  • Participation in forestry management plan development that preserves climbing viewscapes from logging activities in the Minaki area

  • Collaboration with other locally based NGOs on activities of mutual interest

  • Participation in A and E activities lead by the national office of the ACC and provide a Manitoba perspective

  • Funding of groups that engage in activities and projects that are aligned with the ideals of the ACC


The ACC-Manitoba Section has an Access and Environment Representative on its Board of Directors. Should you become aware of any Access and Environment issues that might warrant the support of the Manitoba Section, please contact the Boards A & E Representative.

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