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The Manitoba Section of the Alpine Club of Canada at its 2018 AGM agreed to set aside funds in the annual budget each year to support special projects.  

This decision came about after discussion about how to use membership fees and available funds that the section has or may build up. Occasionally members request financial support for climbing projects, large projects sponsored by other sections and/or projects that benefit the environment near our climbing crags or the broader outdoor community.

Following are some of the projects ACC Manitoba has supported:

  • Crag rebolting

  • Jones stairs (bank erosion abatement)

  • ACMG TRCI Certification

  • Green throne installations

  • Gooseneck access route improvements

  • The North Face Leadership Course


The goal of the “Building Our Community Fund” is to support our members’ big adventures and to strengthen the outdoor and climbing community in ways that are broadly consistent with the mission and values of the Alpine Club of Canada (see our Guiding Principles), in line with the following:

  1. a unique and challenging outdoor objective that will inherently strengthen the skills and abilities of the applicant but also benefit our members and potentially raise our club profile (ex. club member trip to Denali, Logan, or other significant destination, a significant end-to-end hiking route, etc.),

  2. a project that supports activities that ACC-Manitoba members are involved in and are committed to such as facility development, certain types of specialized training, or improving the condition of climbing or outdoor areas.

Application Process

There will be two application deadlines, May 15 and September 30 and funding will be subject to the following criteria;

  1. Only individuals who have been members in good standing of the Manitoba Section for at least two years can apply.

  2. Preference will be given to applicants who have not previously received funding.

  3. Normally the maximum amount of funding available per request is $2000. The Manitoba Section reserves the right in extenuating circumstances to consider larger requests.



  1. To use funds provided by the Manitoba Section only for the purpose(s) proposed in the application.

  2. To provide receipts for all actual project/activity-related expenses incurred.

  3. That to the extent that the project/activity does not proceed, return any funds provided by the Manitoba ACC.

  4. That 50% of funds will be held back (the Holdback) by the Manitoba Section until the project/activity has been completed and a report satisfactory to the ACC MB executive has been provided (see 6. below).

  5. To the extent that project/activity related expenses are less than approved by the Manitoba Section, the Holdback will be reduced to an amount such that the total amount of funding provided matches actual expenses.

  6. To provide a written report, write an article that is subsequently published and/or give a presentation to the Manitoba Section documenting the project/activity including sufficient photos that provide evidence of its completion, to the satisfaction of the ACC MB executive.

  7. The Alpine club of Canada Manitoba Section retains the right to retain, publish, share and report any information related to this application.

  8. Any publication or public presentation will acknowledge the support provided by the MB Section.


The ACC MB executive will review all applications for funding and will make a decision on which project(s), if any, will be funded. The Manitoba ACC reserves the right not to fund any projects in any given year. Decisions on which projects will be funded will be made as soon as practicable after the application deadline. All applicants will be notified directly of any funding decisions and the Manitoba Section will post its funding decisions on the ACC MB website as soon as practical.  


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