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Belay On - Ready for climbing

This past weekend, the Manitoba and St Boniface sections hosted the annual belay course. The event brought together thirteen enthusiastic participants eager to learn or refresh their belay skills.

The day was marked by beautiful weather, with the occasional rain shower adding a touch of adventure to the outdoor setting. The participants, ranging in experience, all demonstrated significant progress and commitment to mastering the belay techniques.

The training covered essential belaying skills, safety protocols, and practical hands-on practice. Under the careful guidance of ACMG-certified climbing instructors Trisha and Ray, each participant gained confidence and competence in their belaying abilities. By the end of the session, everyone was able to showcase their readiness to belay effectively.

This belay course is a testament to the thriving climbing community in Manitoba and the ongoing efforts of the Alpine Club of Canada to promote safe and skilled climbing practices. We look forward to more such successful events in the future, fostering a love for climbing and enhancing the skills of our members.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to the volunteer belayers whose experience helped make the day a success!

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