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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The Manitoba Section recently held its annual general meeting (AGM) on November 19, 2014. It was my 14th AGM as president of the section. I began my post as president along with a few other steadfast executive members in November of 2000. Len Chackowsky, our secretary, was one of them and this year decided to step down to be replaced by Brain Gilchrist who has served in various capacities on the board since that same AGM in 2000. Pat Dillistone, our treasurer and librarian for the past few years, has decided to reduce his work to that of only librarian and passes the treasury duties over to Josée Lavoie. Other board members have stayed on for another two year term and I have the privilege of being the president for another term as well. As Peter Muir says he is the longest standing past (section) president in the Alpine Club of Canada!

I can say without hesitation that volunteering for the club has been fun, I have learned a lot about many things and it has been a challenge. Along the way I have met and worked with many great people and look forward to the next couple of years as president. I owe a huge thank you to all those who have helped and continue to help with business and activities of the section, without you our club would not exist.

Peter Aitchison Sticker and Patch

Earlier this autumn in September we gathered at Gooseneck cliff for a club climb in honour of the great contributions that Peter made to climbing in the area. Coincidentally it was one of only a few club climbs to happen this year. About 15 participants enjoyed fantastic weather and some great Gooseneck classic climbs originally climbed by Peter (which are most of the climbs at the cliff!). Those that came out got a commemorative sticker and patch.

While I was going through some old photos I found the one below of the November 2000 AGM. I clearly had no idea what I was getting myself in to!

ACC Manitoba section executive members at the 2000 Annual General Meeting

Climb on!


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