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Here’s what you missed at the BMFF World Tour 2018 in Winnipeg!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

We had a stellar night at the Centennial Concert hall on February 3rd, 2018! With a sold out show and a packing industry trade show it was hard to keep up with everything going on! However one thing we were all able to keep up with was the amazing lineup of films showcased at this annual event. Did you miss out? Want to know how and where you can catch up? Unfortunatley it won’t be the same experience as the real thing, but at least you can get your stoke on at the comfort of your own home! So here it is!

Surf the Line:




The Last Honey Hunter (Not available online, check out the link below for more information and a behind the scenes video):

Intersection: Micayla Gatto


The Frozen Road:

Stumped: (No full film or trailer is available online, however you can see snippets from this film in the Reel Rock 12 trailer)

Imagination: Tom Wallisch

Also again we gave away many amazing prizes and someone walked away with another kayak;) So keep your calendars open for next years biggest outdoor film event in the city, maybe you’ll be paddling your way back home!

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