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ACC-Manitoba Endorses Greg Ashcroft to the UIAA ICWC Denver February 23-24th 2019!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Who, is Greg Ashcroft?

Greg is a flatlander who means business in the ice climbing world. He has been training the past year for a shot at the UIAA world cup in Denver Colorado. For those of you that don’t know, this is the real deal for ice climbing! The top comp. The pièce de résistance! Competing for Team Canada and sponsored by the Alpine Club of Canada – Manitoba Section, Greg is keen, cool and hoping to collect a prize. He will compete in both the lead and speed categories. . A dedicated member and volunteer for the Manitoba section of the Alpine Club of Canada and hailing from Winnipeg which boasts the longest ice skating rink in Canada also has the tallest freestanding ice climbing structure where Greg’s speed training takes place. The rest of the year he retreats to the man cave in his garage for drytooling practice. To top it off, Greg will be documenting his trip and making a presentation after he recovers from the screaming barfies. Remember where you heard about Greg Ashcroft first! – Simon Statkewich (ACC-MB President)

We at the Manitoba section wish him all the best and luck!

You can follow him on instagram @mymixedascent

Photo: When you have no where to put your feet you just gotta “Figure Four” it 🙂

Check out his website

If you want to support him he has a gofundme and facebook fundraiser.

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