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Third Annual Peter Aitchison Club Climb

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Crack on top of Gooseneck

I didn’t know Peter back then; however, in my own observations of more recent times, Peter was a very inclusive and encouraging person of all climbers. Seasoned as he was he seemed to enjoy getting out to climb with anyone of all ages and abilities. In that spirit, the third annual Peter Aitchison club climb was well attended with 20 plus climbers, seasoned to beginner and a mix of familiar faces and some new ones.

Peter Aitchison ceremony on top of Gooseneck

We had a short ceremony sharing sweet grass and Jägermeister plus a few stories of the good times spent with our friend then carefully lowered the tiny ceramic urn onto a ledge a few meters down in the crack.

Peter may be gone but his spirit lives strong.

Climb on!

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