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New ACC Hut Announced

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The Alpine Club of Canada made a big announcement last Saturday night at the Mountain Guides Ball – that being that long time member and friend, Richard Guy, has made a significant donation towards the building of our new hut near the base of Mont des Poilus on the world-class Bow-Yoho ski traverse.

Richard, 98, continues to inspire ACC members to live life to the fullest. He goes to “work” five days a week at the University of Calgary’s mathematics department. He climbs the Calgary Tower each year as part of a fundraiser. Louise, Richard’s wife of 70 years, passed away in 2010. She climbed mountains at the GMC well into her 80s. They are two of the dearest role models in the history of the ACC. It could not be more fitting that Club directors unanimously decided to name the new facility the Richard & Louise Guy Hut. Read more on the ACC Blog.

Richard & Louise Guy Hut Fundraising Campaign

The Richard & Louise Guy Hut is scheduled to be built during the summer of 2015. The hut will be a demonstration site for green technologies and an extension of our commitment to long term sustainability in off-grid alpine locations, offering visitors the ability to leave a smaller footprint. The technologies do not come without a significant price tag. We need to raise $500,000 by the spring. Thanks to contributions from many donors and the significant donation from Richard Guy, 70% of the funds have been raised so far. Please consider donating to this worthy cause. Find out more about the project and how you can help at

For more information, view the campaign brochure (PDF) or contact Nancy Hansen, Interim Executive Director at (403) 678-3200 ext. 111 or

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