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Holiday Club Climb

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

This past Wednesday, December 10, 2014, ACC Manitoba had its annual holiday club climb party at Vertical Adventures (VA) Climbing Gym. We had a fantastic turn out, with over 20 people in attendance. This may have very well been one of our biggest turn outs yet to this event! I was really excited to see some brand new members out at the event, as well as the regular Wednesday night climbing crew, and even some VA veterans who dusted off the cobwebs from their harnesses to come out and scale some walls (here’s looking at you Peter Muir!).

It was truly great to be able to mingle and chat with all of our members. The festivities began at 6:30pm. After pizza, snacks and refreshments, everyone headed to the walls for some climbing. Later in the night we had some door prizes as give-aways, including some Canadian Alpine Journals (a 30$ value!) and a smattering of some sweet outdoor gear, likely to be used in the near future, at the next outdoor adventures.

Talking with many of the fine folks that came out to the event, I was amazed at the variety of people that choose to become ACC members. Despite its name, The Alpine Club does not consist solely of Alpinists. We have among us snowshoers, climbers, skiers, and mountaineers. We even have people that have never climbed before, using our Christmas get together as a chance to try their hand at something new and meet like-minded individuals. The one thing that all of our members do have in common is their sense of adventure and the love of the outdoors. Having so many outdoor adventurers with such diverse interests together in one place makes for some very interesting conversations! So many stories!

The annual ACC MB holiday party was a great success. I had a wonderful time taking this opportunity to get to know other members of the ACC, new and old, and I’m sure everyone else felt the same way!

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