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Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

This year, the Banff Centre held their first virtual Mountain Film Festival. Building on that success, the World Tour hosted in Winnipeg by ACC Manitoba for over two decades will be virtual as well.

Three programs will be available for purchase beginning November 26. Programs can be purchased as a gift for the holidays or any special occasion. The Banff Centre has arranged to share a portion of the proceeds of your program purchase with ACC Manitoba, which will be directed towards club activities and grants.

The World Tour will be releasing more programs throughout 2021, and ACC Manitoba will be planning a community event to coincide with a February release (including prizes). Stay tuned for details.

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worst banff film festival ive been to and ive been rto alot....its supposed to inspire us to go push ourselves to greater things not be a political forum for womens rights or push some science/acid trip theory agenda. just horrible picks for the entries....i fell asleep at one point. i feel sorry for the 80 entries that were not picked. only two were of bff better...dont think youll see me for a while

Me gusta
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