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ACC-MB – Echo Club Climb Trip Report – July 6th 2019

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Trip Leaders: Brianna Wyn, Ray Hope, and Corey Holly

Photos provided by: Brianna Wyn, Corey Holly, May Ip

Despite the smoke and haze from forest fires in northwestern Ontario, 16 ACC Manitoba members had a fantastic day full of climbing and companionship at Echo Crag on July 6, 2019. Both new and veteran climbers were in attendance, and it was a wonderful time meeting new people and getting reacquainted with old friends.

The day was filled with the delightful challenges of forcing your body and digits into impossibly awkward positions. A number of routes were set up including That’s What He Said, TwoMenAt Night, Crescent, and Tech Trek. Leaders also thought they were setting up White Rabbit and Ratatouille, but were surprised to find themselves on Pink Rabbit and Princess of Power instead; there’s nothing like a good 10a warm up climb! With access to eleven routes, everyone left the crag with a sense of accomplishment after a good day outdoors.

To round out the day, four members also trekked to Pocket Boulder for a look at the rock but were nearly eaten alive by mosquitos and black flies en route. It’s good quality rock that will give a good adventure on the next trip!

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