Photo Gallery

Photos from some of our mountain adventures.

An ACC-MB club ice climbing trip to Robinson Quarry Ice Park, just an hour and a half north of Minneapolis. What a great local community of ice climbers! Thanks to everyone for making us feel welcome!

The ACC-MB overnight ski trip to the Jackfish Cabin in Spruce Woods Provincial Park was a great success, with 10 participants and great weather! A 20kms ski into a cozy log cabin, the hills proved to be tricky but the conditions were fast. What better way to spend an evening than massaging sore muscles, taking part in a communal dinner and meeting new people over a few board games!

The annual Direct Lake club climb was a great success once again, with the biggest turn out in years yet. Ten and a half folks turned out for some fantastic climbing, canoeing and camping. The weather was beautiful, in between nights of rain. With a canoe ride and a portage over rapids, just getting to the campsite proved to be an adventure! A half hour canoe ride further took you to the cliff for some sweet still-being-discovered climbing areas. Thanks for the good times folks!

Club climb to Panorama in Northwest Ontario.

A group of volunteers from the Manitoba Section of the Alpine Club of Canada headed out to the Gooseneck Cliffs for a much needed cliff cleanup day. Read more about it on our blog.

Club climb and camping trip to Gooseneck in Northwest Ontario.

Our first ever Experience the Mountains Family Trip! 15 Manitoba Chapter members took part in a one week trip full of trekking, based out of the Stanley Mitchell Hut in Yoho National Park. Great times had by all!

In January 2006 several ACC members travelled to Argentina to climb Aconcagua (6,962 m).

Members and friends of the Manitoba Section of the ACC celebrated the 100th anniversary of the ACC by making an attempt on the most difficult 8,000m mountain in the world: K2. Read more about the expedition here.

Another club climbing trip to Gooseneck in Northwest Ontario.

In May 2005 several ACC members travelled to Washington to climb Mount Rainier (4,392 m).