The Manitoba section maintains a collection of mountaineering books, maps and videos for the benefit of section members. More items are added on a regular basis. The titles cover everything from guidebooks, technical instruction, biography, coffee table picture books to mountaineering fiction. If you would like to borrow an item, contact our section librarian, David Cormie

Above the cloudsAbove the clouds: the diaries of a high-altitude mountaineer; Anatoli Boukreev 

When Anatoli Boukreev died on the slopes of Annapurna on Christmas day, 1997, the world lost one of the greatest adventurers of our time. In Above the Clouds, both the man and his incredible climbs on Mt. McKinley, K2, Makalu, Manaslu, and Everest-including his diary entries on the infamous 1996 disaster, written shortly after his return-are immortalized. There also are minute technical details about the skill of mountain climbing, as well as personal reflections on what life means to someone who risks it every day. Fully illustrated with gorgeous color photos, Above the Clouds is a unique and breathtaking look at the world from its most remote peaks.

Hiking Colorado's geology; Ralph Lee Hopkins 

Reaching the highest summit in South America requires careful preparation and detailed instruction. R. J. Secor draws upon his extensive climbing experience to give mountaineers all that’s necessary to top Aconcagua’s 22,841-foot peak. This guidebook features comprehensive information on recommended equipment, safety and health precautions, and conservation issues. It details both the popular and less-traveled routes on Aconcagua reached via the Horcones Valley, South Face, and Vacas and Relinchos Valleys. Also included are a climbing history of Aconcagua and a glossary of valuable Spanish climbing phrases.

Bugaboo rockBugaboo rock: a climbing guide; Randall Green 

For Canadian climbing, no group of peaks provides more variety of exposures, routes, or range of difficulty than the Bugaboos, located in the Purcell wilderness area of British Columbia. A terrific assortment of climbs to the tops of the Bugaboo spires offers unsurpassed magnificence-an encapsulated granite paradise, shut off from the rest of the world by range upon range of outlying peaks.

MountaineeringMountaineering: the freedom of the hills;  

Since the publication of the first edition in 1960, Freedom, as the book is known, has endured as a classic mountaineering text. From choosing equipment to tying a climbing knot, and from basic rappelling techniques to planning an expedition — it’s all here in this essential mountaineering reference. A team of more than 40 experts — all active climbers and climbing educators — reviewed, revised, and updated this compendium to reflect the latest evolutions in mountaineering equipment and techniques. Major updates include a significant new chapter on conditioning, plus detailed and extensive revisions to rescue and first-response, aid climbing, and waterfall and ice climbing.

Accidents in North America Mountaineering 1985

Alpine Club of Canada by Bev Bendell

Basic Rockcraft by Royal Robbins

Beyond Everest by Patrick Morrow

Climbers Guide To Skaha by Kevin McLane

Climbers Guide To Smith Rock by Alan Watts

Climbing from Gym to Crag by S. Peter Louis & Dan Cauthron

Climbing in North America by Chris Jones

Climbing School by John Barry & Roger Moor

Denali’s West Buttress by Colby Coombs

Devils Tower N.M. by Steve Gardiner & Dick Guilmette

Extreme Alpinism by Mark F. Twight & James Martin

Extreme Landscape The Lure of Mountain Spaces edited by Bernadette McDonald

Face Climbing by John Long

First on Everest by Tom Holzel & Audrey Salkeld

Footsteps in the Clouds by Baiba & Pat Morrow

Ghosts of Everest, The Search For Mallory & Irvine by Hemmleb, Johnson, and Simonson

High Adventure, Our Ascent of Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary

How to Rock Climb by John Long

Hypothermia, Frostbite and Other Cold Injuries by James A. Wilkerson, M.D.

Ice & Mixed Climbing: Modern Technique by Will Gadd

Manitoba Climbers: A Century of Stories, edited by Mazur, Statkewich, Relkoff

Medicine for Mountaineering, 3rd Edition by James A. Wilkerson, M.D.

Mixed Emotions by Greg Child

Mountain Climbing by Jerolyn Ann Nentl

Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide by Mike Gauthier

Performance Rock Climbing by Dale Goddard & Udo Neumann

Pushing the Limits: The Story of Canadian Mountaineering by Chic Scott

Rock Climbs in Uganda by Pasteur & H.A.Osmaston

Sea Kayaking by John Dowd

Sports Climbs in the Canadian Rockies by John Martin & Jon Jones

Summit Tales by Graeme Pole

Surviving in the Manitoba Wilderness by Ministry of Natural Resources

The Basic Essentials of RC by Mike Strassman

The Burgess Book of Lies by Adrian & Alan Burgess

The Canadian Rockies by Esther Fraser

The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide by Brian Patton and Bart Robinson

The Rock Climbers Guide To Squamish by Kevin McLane

Touching the Void by Joe Simpson

Ways to the Sky by Andy Selters

Joshua Tree Rock Climbs: The 3000 best routes and boulder problems by Robert Miramontes

Red Rocks: A climbers Guide by Jerry Handren

Yosemite Climbing

See some of the world’s best climbers ascend everything from 5.7 to 5.14 in the latest Lycra fashions!

Moving Over Stone II

This video is narrated by Spiderman’s dream date, Lynn Hill.

Rock and Ice Presents…Masters of Stone: The Ultimate Rock Video

No, it’s not a Grateful Dead reunion concert, but it’s probably just as entertaining.