About Us

Founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1906, the Alpine Club of Canada represents the nation’s climbing community. Our network of members and facilities offers education, resources, and encouragement so that you can enjoy climbing and other wilderness activities year round.

Now based in Canmore, Alberta, the ACC protects the history and culture of Canada’s alpine environments. The ACC develops and supports mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, and hiking programs. The club also maintains backcountry huts in the nation’s most spectacular mountain terrain, and helps to preserve your access to wilderness areas across the country.

The Manitoba Section was created in 1907, following the meeting which formed the ACC in Winnipeg in 1906. Initially, the Section coordinated Manitoban extensive exploratory mountaineering in Western Canada.

The Section’s current activities are volunteer-based and we run different events and activities throughout the year for everyone of all skill levels. In the summer months we run regular climbing trips, both locally in northwest Ontario and farther afield. In the winter months we offer cross country skiing and ice climbing trips. Our website features a new blog where we post trip reports and other related articles. We also have general meetings and social evenings throughout the year.

The bottom line is fun – come and join us!